Within Practice we work successfully with all the best accountancy firms from the "big4", through multinational and national household names, right through to five partner firms and family run practices. In commerce and industry we are known by all the best local employers, from the blue chips to the small expanding entrepreneurial "next big things".

We are more than service providers for these companies, we think of ourselves as partners, both in business and in each others success.
Similarly, we have helped the careers of "big 4" partners and directors all the way through to QBE's and trainee accountants just starting their careers.
Our approach is the same. We listen to you, taking care not to pigeonhole or prejudge you.
We offer independent, unbiased advice built on years of local market knowledge. We can discuss possible opportunities; use our knowledge to educate you, cut through the jargon and rhetoric too commonplace in our industry. We can help you improve your CV with our Free CV Advice service, advise on Interview Technique, let you know what Salaries are available and how to get them.
What we don't do is fit round pegs into square holes. We won't advise you to move if we feel the best course of action is to stay with your current employer. What we can do is maximise your chances of achieving your short and long term goals.
Many people use us as a sounding board for their ideas, use us to help them with their CV's, ask our advice on a certain company or industry. We have advised far more people than we have placed in another job. We like to think that by giving our advice freely, we have built up relationship and a bond of trust (in some cases spanning over five years) that will reap rewards in years to come. Our long term reputation and integrity is far more important to us than short term financial gain.
Give us a call in confidence and find out how we can help your career.
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