We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing our clients with the very best candidates. In addition to an exceptional database of talented professionals, we go to great lengths to find the candidates who aren't necessarily already "in the marketplace".

In our experience, the best candidates are usually well looked after by their current employers and have little time or reason to consider alternative roles. By keeping in contact with a wide range of trainees and seasoned professionals, often following their careers over many years, we find we are able to introduce our clients to candidates who would not respond to job advertising or traditional marketing and are often not known to other agencies.
Along with the contacts and experience built up over many years, we add a refreshingly human, honest and jargon-free approach. We take time to thoroughly understand not only the skill sets required, but also the culture and direction of your company. We aim to be an extension of your company, rather than an external supplier to it. We like to think of ourselves as partners in business and we take your success personally.
Clients regularly use us as a sounding board for their own experiences and ideas. As we have the benefit of a detailed working knowledge of pay scales, benefits packages, etc, we have added a regularly monitored SALARY GUIDE for your information.

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